Our Online Human Resource Courses Have Been Refreshed!

TMC is always looking for the latest information to ensure that our clients have the most up-to-date and relevant tips, tricks, and material available for your practice. In light of that, we are excited to reintroduce our online Human Resource courses that are available for you now!

Our most popular and relevant online courses have been updated with the latest statistics and information. The following training courses are available now for you and your employees to enroll in:

  • Sexual Harassment (40 min): This training will help your practice be proactive in creating a safe workplace with tools for recognizing sexual harassment, understanding its impact, reporting guidelines, and how to prevent it in your practice.
  • Diversity Training (40 min): Diversity training is about more than simply learning about differences: it is understanding, appreciating, and respecting differences in individuals. This training will teach how to respond to differences in the workplace, how to promote respect, and how to improve communication.
  • Conflict Resolution (40 min): Understand the impact of conflict in the workplace, recognize different types and reasons for conflict, and learn methods of managing conflict and resolution options.
  • Implicit Bias (40 min): This training will teach you what implicit bias is, why we all have implicit biases, recognize how it may influence decisions, its effect in the workplace, and identify strategies and solutions to reduce its influence.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention (40 min): Participants will learn to identify workplace violence, discuss the impact, review risk factors, and create a workplace violence prevention plan. Review workplace conduct rules and legal liability and learn how to address and prevent harassment in your workplace.

Each course is self-paced and provides a thorough overview of each topic. Upon completion of a course, you’ll receive a digital certificate you can download as a PDF or save in our learning management system.

Keep your practice up to date on topics relating to Human Resources. Enroll your practice in these new courses (and check out our other courses) through our online store today!

Online Human Resource Courses