Our OSHA compliance training program helps provide you and your team with the necessary tools to create and maintain a safe work environment. 

We know that it can be difficult to keep up with annual OSHA regulation updates, so we take the guesswork out of the equation for you: our compliance training programs are continuously updated with the latest changes, CDC recommendations, and guidance on current OSHA enforcement activity. 


Many thanks to Renee for educating us with valuable information. She is personable, easy to listen to, and genuinely has our best interests in mind. Renee delivers the material in a way that is fun and easy to understand. Our team actually remembered information from when she was here last year. Thanks so much to Renee and the TMC team!

–Lisa M., Associates in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, PA

Why do you need OSHA?

Not only is it required by law for you to provide a safe workplace for your team, but we know how important it is to you that your practice is a safe and healthy environment. Through our training programs, you’ll learn how to reduce the risk of employee exposure to potentially contaminated or dangerous materials. These courses also incorporate a discussion on safety policies and processes that will help ensure the health and well-being of your staff. 

What We Offer

On-Site Consulting Services

During your annual on-site OSHA compliance training, an expert TMC consultant will lead a customized, convenient program right from your own offices. We’ll address any issues that are specific to your practice, industry, and location, and we work around your busy schedule. Our instructors are experts who can answer any OSHA-related questions immediately and will serve as your most trusted OSHA compliance resource. We want your employees to remember what they learn, so we’ve designed our training to be both fun and informative to increase retention.

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Program Packages

Our OSHA eCompliance packages will provide all the materials you need to remain compliant year-round. No matter which package works best for your specific team, you will receive a compliance manual and everything you need to train your staff on the basics of occupational safety and health. 

Enjoy such benefits as premium white-glove support and live, expert assistance as you sign up for our Basic eCompliance package.  

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Compliance Manuals

We offer hardcover paper manuals and online options for our OSHA compliance manuals. The manuals are designed for your practice, providing you with a personalized experience. 

Our manuals will be your guide through compliance in your healthcare sector. They include information on training employees and keeping proper records of compliance, as well as the required plans for your practice.

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Online Training Courses

Our interactive web-based programming includes a list of facility-specific activities for your team to complete after the course to ensure appropriate comprehension of concepts. 

These online training courses make it easy to stay compliant by allowing you to train your staff on the latest OSHA regulations at your convenience. 

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For Convenience and Value, add our eSDS Service!

This service prepares and maintains your electronic safety data sheets (eSDS) manual and chemical inventory. Storing your SDS manual electronically reduces clutter in your office and allows near-immediate access to the information you may need in an emergency. With a low investment for high return, our eSDS compliance service provides peace of mind by allowing our SDS professionals to handle your information. Enjoy on-demand, streamlined access to information, a user-friendly interface, ongoing automatic maintenance of your eSDS manual, and compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard.

Key features of our eSDS service include:

  • Access to your eSDS manual online at any time
  • A USB backup of chemical inventory
  • Easily searchable items by brand name or chemical name
  • Viewable and printable information as needed

*This service is not a standalone product. It must be accompanied by one of our on-site full service OSHA programs or our eCompliance Plus or Pro program. 

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OSHA eCompliance


OSHA eCompliance

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