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Our HIPAA training services will teach you and your staff practical ways to reduce risk to your practice by protecting the privacy and security of patient information, what you need to know about a patient’s rights to their records, how to handle a breach, and more.

We’ll help you understand what it takes to safeguard patient information and your practice’s systems. 

What We Offer

Our HIPAA Compliance Training Programs are a fast and easy way to help keep your practice on the right path to HIPAA compliance. Whether online or in-person, our training programs are designed to help your office navigate the complex compliance requirements of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. Your office will have extraordinary compliance support, training, and resources year-round.


Through our HIPAA Compliance Program, you gain access to a complete range of HIPAA resources including online and in-person training, print or online manuals, webinars, newsletters, and more. Our HIPAA compliance experts monitor changes and updates to state and federal rules and regulations that impact patient privacy and security as well as the latest guidance from HHS and OCR to provide you with the most up-to-date information.


Training options include a live, on-site presenter in your facility or live via webinar for ultimate flexibility that allows you to train everyone from long-term staff to new hires. HIPAA training is also available through an interactive online training course, which includes a post-test and a list of facility-specific activities to validate comprehension of concepts. Continuing education credits are available for these trainings.

On-Site Consulting Services

During your annual on-site HIPAA employee training, an expert TMC consultant will lead a customized, convenient program right from your offices. We’ll address any issues that are specific to your practice, industry, and location, and we work around your schedule. Our instructors are experts who can answer any HIPAA-related questions on the spot and will serve as your most trusted HIPAA compliance resource. We want your employees to remember what they learn, so we’ve designed our training to be both fun and informative to increase retention.

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Program Packages

Our HIPAA eCompliance packages each provide all the materials you need to remain compliant year-round. No matter which package works for your specific team, you will receive a compliance manual and everything you need to train your staff on the basics of the Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules of HIPAA your practice is required by law to follow.

Enjoy such benefits as premium white-glove support and live, expert assistance as you go beyond our basic package.

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Compliance Manuals

We offer hardcover paper binders and online options for our HIPAA compliance manuals. The manuals are designed for your practice, providing you with a personalized experience. 

Our manuals will be your guide through compliance in your healthcare sector. They include information on training employees and keeping proper records of compliance, as well as the required plans for your practice.

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Online Training Courses

Our interactive web-based programming includes a list of facility-specific activities for your team to complete after the course to ensure appropriate comprehension of concepts.

Online training courses make it easy to stay compliant by allowing you to train your staff on the latest HIPAA guidance at your convenience.

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HIPAA Program Packages

HIPAA eCompliance


HIPAA eCompliance


HIPAA eCompliance

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