Workplace Violence Prevention Training Course


Recent headlines have been filled with sexual harassment cases, most notably in politics and entertainment. However, workplace conduct can cross the line in any industry or business. The risks of and damage from workplace violence can affect your business as well as your employees, with a high potential for legal issues and detrimental financial impact. Each year almost one million individuals become victims of violent crime while working. About 500,000 victims of violent crime in the workplace lose an estimated 1.8 million work days each year. The average cost to American businesses each year is estimated to be $36 billion dollars (Bureau of Justice Statistics). Put an end to harmful workplace environments with TMC’s Workplace Violence Training Course.

This online workplace violence training course takes about 40 minutes to complete and supports organizational human resource initiatives. In this course, participants will learn to identify workplace violence, discuss the impact of workplace violence, review risk factors associated with workplace violence and create a workplace violence prevention plan. The time is right to review workplace conduct rules and legal liability. Learn how to address and prevent harassment in your workplace. Sign up today and discover more ways for Total Medical Compliance to help you meet your human resource compliance needs.

“Non-consensual, sexual advances are not the same as flirtatious comments from a creepy dude. The degree of harassment matters.” – Cheryl Yeoh

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