About TMC

Who we are

Total Medical Compliance (TMC) is a family-owned business that helps clients achieve a safe environment for patients and employees. We deliver customized, expert compliance solutions and work alongside you to provide a personalized experience with extraordinary customer support. 

TMC has an unwavering commitment to evolve with our clients and are dedicated to meeting your ever-changing needs. Our services deliver an impeccable balance of a personal touch combined with point-and-click convenience.

Our mission

TMC adheres to the highest ethical and moral standards to supply expert knowledge, extraordinary service, and up to date compliance solutions, allowing you to concentrate on your patients – not compliance.

We focus on creating safe and healthy environments for you, your patients, and your employees by supporting you through the compliance process, from trainings through inspections and audits.

What makes us different

We have been at the forefront of healthcare compliance for over 25 years for thousands of medical, dental, and DSO clients. Our team consists of professionals and clinic staff who know firsthand what a practice needs, and who strive to deliver that information in a way that is reliable and convenient. Drawing on our combined expertise, we work towards our shared goals: building a relationship with you and getting to know the needs of your organization, so that we can create a personalized compliance plan specific to you and your practice.

We offer a multitude of educational opportunities alongside a team of industry-leading experts who are ready to answer all of your compliance questions quickly. Our clients view us as an extension of their own office as our priority is always knowing what you need to be a successful and safe practice. 

We take our core values — Integrity, Honesty, Responsiveness, and Loyalty — seriously, and we go the extra mile to make sure you have the compassion, support, and resources you need to protect your practice. 

Our team

While we have grown during our 25+ year history, our dedication to you, our clients, has remained a consistent priority. Our team is committed to helping you achieve compliance through expert education and tailored compliance resources. Get to know our team below, and don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you need us!

Bill Fivek Total Medical Compliance CEO and president
susan vogel little
Renee russell
Abigail Sweet Compliance Specialist
Ana Eng headshot
Nancy Ware HIPAA compliance
jennifer sites compliance consultant
Dana Pate
Brian Fay headshot
mary elizabeth
alisha debetta

Our Endorsements & Resources

TMC Resources are independent companies that work in the diverse world of health care. TMC Resources encompass a broad range of expertise and vendor affiliations. These business resources are provided to help clients effectively and efficiently manage many aspects of their business needs… and ultimately, deliver the best patient care. These relationships will offer our clients additional resources to assist them so they can spend more time focusing on patients. Click on our resources to see some of these specialized services and how they may help you. 

Partner Resources

Advanced Business Technology, Inc.

Providing IT and phone system support for over 25 years at an affordable fixed monthly fee. Total Medical Compliance Partner since 2007. For TMC clients with 5 or more PCs we will offer a free Network and Security Assessment and a 10% discount off services.
Apex Technology Business Associate Partner

APEX Technology

Our full-service, flat-rate managed IT services are designed to reduce your costs, increase productivity, and mitigate your business risks.  We are TMC HIPAA trained.
Dental Evolution logo

Dental Evolutions

At Dental Evolutions Practice Transitions we realize the transfer of a dental practice has a significant impact on both the buyer’s and seller’s life. Our intent is your success while we focus on YOU, your needs and expectations. Whether you are buying or selling a practice, it is one of the most important decisions personally and financially in your career. For the buyer, it marks the beginning of your career and for the seller, the culmination of your life long dedication and hard work.
Eastern Dentists Insurance

Eastern Dentists Insurance Company

Eastern Dentists Insurance Company (EDIC), the “By Dentists, For Dentists“® company, is the leading provider of dental malpractice insurance in New England, NY, NJ, PA, VA, and NC. EDIC is one of the largest supporters of dental schools. A large part of EDIC’s success is attributable to our exclusive focus on the dental profession, as we only insure dentists. EDIC’s Board of Directors is comprised of dentists and dental educators, many of whom are affiliated with dental schools. For over 27 years, EDIC has provided the highest quality products, customer service, and risk management programs for students and dentists. We truly consider our dental customers our colleagues. EDIC members receive a 10% discount on TMC OSHA and/or HIPAA on-site full-service the first year. Promo Code: EDIC
Personal safety at work with Jerry McCormick

Personal Safety at Work

TMC is proud to partner with Jerry McCormick, the President of Personal Safety at Work and an internationally recognized personal safety expert. He brings 30 years of experience as a police officer and captain; as well as eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Jerry has trained corporations, colleges, schools, and other businesses in the US and Internationally to give practical skills to deal with the myriad of threats in and around us every day. He utilizes his experience to develop training for thousands of public safety professionals on how to respond to active shooter incidents. In addition, he has transitioned into a role of providing employee personal safety training.