healthcare fraud and abuse training

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Training


Our 50-minute Healthcare Fraud and Abuse training course explores settings in which fraud and abuse might occur. It also reviews which laws, acts, codes, guidelines, and standards hold all healthcare entities accountable.

The federal and state governments in the U.S. have enacted “fraud and abuse laws” aimed at preventing conduct deemed dishonest, wasteful, and damaging to patients. These laws are often complicated, and the consequences of violating them, including large fines, criminal penalties, and exclusion from the government healthcare system, can be enormous and nearly impossible to overcome.

As you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize how fraud and abuse issues may arise
  • Identify important laws, acts, codes, guidelines, and standards designed to prevent fraud and abuse
  • Identify the possible penalties that may be imposed for fraud and abuse


*All licenses purchased for these courses expire one year after the purchase date.

*1 seat per license is considered one launch; once the courses are launched, it may not be reused.

*Each user must complete the courses individually; these are not group courses.

On-Site Consulting Services Available

Along with your on-site full service program, you’ll receive all the compliance components you need to be OSHA and HIPAA compliant. You have access to online training for new hires or those that missed any on-site training. 

What to expect when we visit: Your TMC consultant will go through your facility and do a thorough facility audit with an electronic report, go over the Compliance manual, and provide on-site training. 

For our OSHA clients, we provide you with a complimentary spill kit, secondary labels, and meet with your Safety Officer and review their duties.

For HIPAA clients, your facility audit will identify any privacy and security concerns, we’ll provide you with a risk analysis report for your facility, and we’ll meet with your Privacy/Security Officer to review their duties. 

Whether you choose us for OSHA, HIPAA, or both, we will work with you to achieve compliance to create a long-lasting relationship rather than just providing a how-to guide leaving you to do all the work. Our goal is to be your primary resource for HIPAA, OSHA, and Infection Control compliance.