Sexual Harassment


No one wants to work in a hostile work environment. Sexual harassment causes lost productivity as employees avoid work or certain coworkers. The TMC Sexual Harassment Training Course is designed to support your workplace with important lessons to help minimize future incidents of harassment. “Just because it’s happening and you see it all the time, that doesn’t make it right. If it hurts your feelings, then it’s wrong. If it degrades somebody, humiliates somebody, makes him or her feel small, it’s wrong.” – Rosalind Wiseman, Author, Queen Bees, and Wannabees

This online sexual harassment training course takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. The course will teach employees how to define sexual harassment, how to recognize it in the workplace and review important reporting guidelines to manage the situation. Participants will walk away understanding the impact of sexual harassment and methods for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Sign up today to start your sexual harassment training and find other human resources training solutions to support your organization’s initiatives with TMC.

This course is $5/person.



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