OSHA eCompliance Pro Package

Our OSHA eCompliance Pro Package is your complete resource for OSHA compliance. Receive all the benefits of our Basic and Plus Packages, as well as live webinar training by a dedicated TMC Consultant for employees and your Safety Officer.

This OSHA live webinar training program is a quick and efficient way to train your employees. Our OSHA compliance experts are available to help you attain and maintain OSHA compliance.

Keep your workplace safe and OSHA compliant. The OSHA eCompliance Pro Package is an online training program that will help you better manage daily risks and meet all OSHA requirements. Train your employees whenever is convenient for you, access live training webinars led by our OSHA experts, and receive a monthly newsletter that keeps you informed on the latest changes impacting your practice.


The OSHA eCompliance Pro Package includes:

  • Live webinar training with a dedicated TMC Consultant
  • Online employee training
  • Safety Officer training
  • Electronic OSHA compliance manual
  • Client portal access forms, webinars, and more
  • OSHA support from our OSHA experts
  • Continuing Education credits available

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On-Site Consulting Services Available

Along with your on-site full service program you receive all the compliance components you need to be OSHA compliant. You have access to online training for new hires or those that missed the on-site training. Your TMC consultant will go through your facility and do a thorough facility audit with an electronic report, meet with your Safety Officer and go over the Compliance manual and officer duties. We provide you with a complimentary spill kit, secondary labels, OSHA support, and work with you to achieve OSHA compliance to create a long-lasting relationship with you rather than just providing a how-to-guide that requires you to do all the work. Our goal is to be your primary resources for HIPAA, OSHA, and Infection Control compliance.

For Convenience and Value, Add our eSDS Service!

This service prepares and maintains your eSDS manual and chemical inventory. Storing your SDS manual electronically reduces clutter in your office and allows near-immediate access to the information you may need in an emergency. With a low investment for high return, our eSDS compliance service provides peace of mind by allowing our SDS professionals to handle your information. Enjoy on-demand, streamlined access to information, a user-friendly interface, ongoing automatic maintenance of your eSDS manual, and compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard.

Key features of our eSDS service include:

  • Access to your eSDS manual online at any time
  • A USB backup of chemical inventory
  • Easily searchable items by brand name or chemical name
  • Viewable and printable information as needed
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