It’s Your Call – November 2023

information blocking OIG

HIPAA: Who can be fined under the Information Blocking Rule and what are the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) priorities? Only certain entities are currently subject to an OIG information blocking penalty. They are: Health IT developers of certified health IT Entities offering certified health IT Health information exchanges Health information networks These penalties began […]

It’s Your Call – September 2023

HIPAA: What is the difference between Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing? Phishing, vishing, and smishing are all types of cybercrimes that involve social engineering techniques to deceive individuals and gain unauthorized access to personal information, such as passwords, credit card details, or financial data. While they share similarities, each term refers to a specific method used […]

Preventing Needlestick and Sharps Injuries: Your Guide to OSHA Standards and Protocols

needlestick and sharps injuries

Medical and dental practices face numerous health and safety risks every day. One of the most significant, and frequently overlooked, risks are needlestick and sharps injuries. In this comprehensive guide, the following topics will be covered: OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards for preventing needlestick injuries, Proper OSHA needle disposal techniques, and The crucial […]

It’s Your Call – August 2023

HIPAA compliance and social media

HIPAA: How do I ensure HIPAA Compliance in patient communication on social media direct messaging? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have become powerful tools for healthcare organizations to engage with patients and provide valuable health-related information. However, healthcare professionals must exercise caution when responding to patient private messages on these […]

Ensuring X-Ray Safety: A Closer Look at OSHA Standards and Portable X-Ray Systems

x-ray safety

In healthcare, one of the foremost priorities is ensuring a safe environment for both patients and practitioners. A critical part of diagnosing and treating various conditions in healthcare is the use of X-rays. With this usage comes potential hazards of X-rays and guidelines to maintain safety within a healthcare practice. The Occupational Safety and Health […]

Emergency and Fire Preparedness in Healthcare Offices: The OSHA Way

emergency and fire preparedness OSHA

‘Expect the unexpected’ is one phrase that comes to mind when considering how healthcare offices run. An example of an unforeseen event is an emergency and/or fire scenario. These situations can quickly turn a normal day into a life-altering crisis. Data shows there are an average of 5,750 fires reported annually in healthcare facilities, resulting […]

Keeping Your Practice Compliant: Understanding OSHA Sprinkler Violations

OSHA fire sprinkler violations

Safety is non-negotiable in healthcare practices. To establish a safe environment for our patients and staff, we must pay attention to every detail, including the sprinkler systems on our premises. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards apply not only to clinical procedures but also to aspects of physical safety, such as fire safety. […]

It’s Your Call – May 2023

hepatitis b vaccine documentation

Question: We recently hired a new clinical worker who received the Hepatitis B vaccine series but can only provide documentation for the titer. Is the titer sufficient? Answer: No. A clinical employee is considered immune with provider-documented proof of the Hepatitis B series AND a positive anti-HBs (titer). When proof cannot be provided, the employee […]

It’s Your Call – April 2023

safety data sheet

OSHA: If our office has the current Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for a product, do we have to keep the old one? No, the old SDS can be discarded if the original formulation is the same. When the formulation is different, the employer must keep both the old and current SDS for 30 years.   […]