Help With HIPAA & Periodic Security Awareness Training

Introducing TMC Security Scout!
Help With HIPAA & Periodic Security Awareness Training

Ensuring workers have annual training that covers all the HIPAA Rules (Privacy, Breach Notification, and Security) is an essential part of a successful compliance program. Reading TMC’s monthly newsletter, The Advisor, and filing a signed copy of the last page with your training records shows that you keep up with current topics.

The training security and awareness section of the Security Rule requires that employees be provided periodic security updates. The Security Rule is complex, and even security professionals spend hours combing through hundreds of resources to try to stay informed.

It is not always practical for TMC to include an article about the Security Rule in each issue of The Advisor; however, we will now include a short security tip from our Security Scout in every issue that is easy to read and practical enough to use right away.

August 2021

You Are the First Line of Defense

What does this mean? It may surprise you to know that the most important and vulnerable part of your security line-up is you and your coworkers! You don’t need to be a security pro to keep your patients’ and practice’s information safe. Simple habits that reinforce safe email and internet use and patient information handling can help protect against disasters like ransomware or a large data breach.

The most common way to become a victim of ransomware or other cyberattack is by clicking on links and opening files in emails from unknown sources. These are phishing emails, and they can range from really obvious to very sophisticated.  It is important to make sure you and your coworkers know the warning signs.