TMC Automates OSHA Compliance Audits with Mi-Platform

Goes from Paper to Mobile in Less than 90 Days with an Automated Auditing Process

Total Medical Compliance (TMC) provides compliance consulting to the healthcare marketplace including HIPAA training, OSHA training, and Infection Control programs for medical and dental practices. When TMC needed a partner to upgrade its paper-based auditing processes and provide an automated auditing process, Mi-Corporation was the perfect fit to digitize and automate this mission-critical service offering.


Part of TMC’s OSHA compliance product offering is the company’s ability to provide mock compliance audits to medical and dental practices. Compliance consultants complete these walk-throughs every day across TMC client. The audits require a series of inspection checks, and the team used paper-based forms on clipboards as they walked through the healthcare offices for the past 20 years.

The mock audit form includes a wide range of OSHA, risk management and infection control-related elements. Previously, all that information was crammed onto two sheets of paper. Once all the data was collected, the paper copy would be scanned into TMC’s systems so that client reports and internal documentation could be created. President and CEO Bill Fivek wanted to digitize and automate the audit process, but he needed a mobile data solution that would provide a smooth and easy transition from paper.

“We’d been looking at ways to automate our mock audits for a long time, and I got the referral to Mi-Corporation during a networking group meeting. Once they told us what Mi-Platform could do, we knew it was a perfect match—and we got started right away,” said Bill Fivek, President and CEO, TMC.


Once TMC selected Mi-Corporation’s Mi-Platform to transform its OSHA audit process from hard-copy forms to mobile data collection, the process to get up and running was quick and easy. TMC assigned one of its staff members as the point person for the transition project in the fall of 2016. Work began immediately and the team got the project up and running, prototyped, and tweaked for rollout in less than 90 days.

“I selected my most technical consultant to lead the transition to Mi-Platform. As a person who uses the forms every day, she knew what the most important requirements would be. The team we worked with at Mi-Co was very good about keeping us in the loop. We could make decisions on the fly, and we got things done both quickly and accurately. The Mi-Co team always kept us in the loop and it was just a great experience overall,” said Bill.


While TMC has always delivered the highest-quality reports to its clients, the new mobile data collection process has made it easier to gather actionable data more quickly and have it accessible right away. Plus, it’s given TMC’s consultants a much simpler process for collecting and managing the data under their care.

“What we’re doing now really updates the look, accuracy, and end-product for our clients. We have a lot more control over the content of the form and what our clients get. It’s easier to share the information more quickly, and our consultants love it across the board. Even the ones who were resistant to going mobile have fully embraced the new process, and we couldn’t be happier with the results,” said Bill. 

About Mi-Corporation

Two decades ago, Mi-Corporation pioneered data capture on tablets and coined the term “mobile data collection.” Mi-Corporation’s Mobile Impact Platform provides a rich and powerful toolset that allows organizations to custom build flexible solutions that improve workforce efficiencies, increase productivity, reduce costs and increase profits.

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