Happy 25th Anniversary TMC! We appreciate you. From getting us compliant to keeping us abreast of all the updates and compliance laws, TMC has been an essential part of our practice and its success.  They have an experienced knowledgeable staff who have always been there when we needed them. From an unfortunate needle stick, introduction to wonderful HIPAA, to helping us navigate through COVID-19, there has never been a time when we could not talk to a person immediately. All our staff trains yearly for OSHA & HIPAA with Heidi. She is extremely thorough and makes it fun while emphasizing the importance of staying compliant. Sure you can do a 1 hour CE course that will save you money upfront; however, with the fines that are being handed out today for non-compliance, there is no question that TMC is well worth the cost. We have peace of mind knowing that all our staff is trained correctly on the most updated OSHA & HIPAA laws that apply to our Dental Practice, all our paperwork is in order and we know what to do if OSHA walks in to do an audit or if we have a HIPAA breach or concern. We will and always have highly recommended them. Thank you TMC for holding our hand over the past 25 years!