South Carolina Dental Association

We’ve Got You Covered with OSHA and HIPAA Compliance Training 

South Carolina Dental Association (SCDA) has partnered with Total Medical Compliance (TMC) to provide quality OSHA and HIPAA compliance training to all of its members. TMC offers a wide array of customizable programs designed to meet the OSHA and HIPAA compliance needs of dental practices in South Carolina, online or onsite. 

Our onsite program consists of a site visit from an experienced TMC consultant who will inspect your facility and provide site-specific training for your staff. We also offer several options for online training. These programs are flexible, convenient and provide the same high-quality, thorough information as our onsite program.

Earn continuing education (CE) credits when attending HIPAA and OSHA webinars, as TMC is a provider of ADA Cerp CE credits! 

About the SCDA 

The South Carolina Dental Association (SCDA) was established in 1869 and represents and serves more than 2,000 Member Dentists in South Carolina. They are a non-profit association that provides services such as lobbying, legal counsel, continuing education opportunities, publications, insurance services, and practitioner networking and legislative events for members and the community alike. 

TMC Benefits As An SCDA Member 

South Carolina Infection Control Training

As an SCDA member and TMC client, you will receive: 

  • Access to our complimentary *ADA CERP CE webinars. Use coupon code: scda49 
  • A 10% discount for the first year to SCDA members who sign up for a NEW full-service HIPAA compliance service 
  • A 10% discount for the first year to SCDA members who sign up for a New full-service OSHA compliance service 

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