OSHA & HIPAA Training Courses


Get a discount when you purchase both of our OSHA and HIPAA Online Training courses together!

Our OSHA and HIPAA Online Training courses are specifically designed for a quick and simple solution to help ensure your team stays on the right path for OSHA and HIPAA compliance. When you purchase this discounted package, you will receive both the OSHA and the HIPAA courses so that you can train your team at your convenience. Continuing education credits are available for these courses.

The TMC OSHA Compliance Training course is designed to prepare employers and employees with the necessary tools to ensure the safe workplace environment that is required by law. Training provides a detailed review of the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, addresses GHS labeling requirements, and other important safety topics such as handwashing, respiratory hygiene, and fire prevention. Learn more about this 60-minute course with our full OSHA course description.

The TMC HIPAA Compliance Training course covers key concepts included in the Privacy and Security rules regarding protected patient health information. This course details the impact of a patient health information breach and provides practical strategies for ensuring the protection of information among all computer systems and individuals with access to protected health information. Learn more about this 60-minute course with our full HIPAA course description

*All course licenses expire one (1) year after the purchase date.
1 license = 1 user-specific seat
1 seat = 1 launch/view per year (not reusable)

*Each user must complete the course content and pass the post-test individually to receive CEU; these are not group courses.

On-Site Consulting Services Available

Along with your on-site full service program you receive all the compliance components you need to be OSHA compliant. You have access to online training for new hires or those that missed the on-site training. Your TMC consultant will go through your facility and do a thorough facility audit with an electronic report, meet with your Safety Officer and go over the Compliance manual and officer duties. We provide you with a complimentary spill kit, secondary labels, OSHA support, and work with you to achieve OSHA compliance to create a long-lasting relationship with you rather than just providing a how-to-guide that requires you to do all the work. Our goal is to be your primary resources for HIPAA, OSHA, and Infection Control compliance.