It’s Your Call December 2018


We have a broken fluorescent light bulb. I’ve heard this is an issue, but why?
Fluorescent light bulbs may emit a small amount of mercury vapor when the bulb is broken. To minimize risks, the EPA describes several cleanup and disposal steps at
LED lightbulbs are an alternative to fluorescent lightbulbs. They do not release mercury, and are more energy efficient, cooler (less heat emissions that could lead to fire), sturdier, longer lasting, and easy to install.

As we see the display of lights during the holiday season, determine the type of bulbs you have. Are they fluorescent lights or LED? And is it time to make a change?

HIPAA: We had an elderly patient in the office who appeared to have been abused. They had a healthcare power of attorney and is asking for a right to access the medical records. Can we release the abused patient’s information?

Generally, the healthcare power of attorney does have a right to access the patient’s record. However, if there is reasonable belief that the personal representative is the abuser or releasing such information would endanger the patient, the covered entity does not have to release the medical record. Instead, the covered entity or physician must act in the best interest of the patient.