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At TMC, we provide the necessary training to ensure that your practice is a safe and healthy environment. We offer a variety of OSHA compliance training programs for medical and dental practices as well as businesses that serve the health care industry. Our OSHA compliance training services will help bring your medical or dental office into compliance with OSHA regulations and keep you compliant year-round.

It can be difficult and time-consuming keeping up with annual OSHA regulation changes, which is why we provide a simple solution. We continuously update our OSHA programs to keep up with the latest changes, CDC recommendations, and guidance on current OSHA enforcement activity. For your convenience, we offer both on-site and online OSHA training programs for medical and dental offices.

Course Description

Each medical or dental practice is required by law to provide a safe workplace for their employees. TMC’s OSHA training program prepare employers and workers to understand and implement the measures required to ensure a safe workplace. Training includes a detailed review of the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard which outlines measures to reduce the risk of worker exposure to potentially contaminated blood or body fluids. The Hazard Communication training addresses the GHS labeling requirements, identification of applicable pictograms and the location of pertinent sections of Safety Data Sheets. Incorporated into the program are safety topics such as fire prevention, hand-washing, and respiratory hygiene.

Training options include a live presenter in your facility or via webinar. OSHA training for medical and dental practices is also available through an interactive web-based program that includes a posttest and a list of facility-specific activities to validate comprehension of concepts.

At the end of the course, the attendee will:

  • Discuss the basic requirements for worker protection included in the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard.
  • Recall the elements of a GHS compliant label, which will include the use of pictograms.
  • Describe best practices for fire response.
  • Describe two risk factors that may lead to violence in the workplace.

Disclosure: Presenters and course developers are employees of Total Medical Compliance.

Course Developer: Karen Gregory, RN

Technical Creator: Abby Mitchell, CHPC, CHC, HCISPP, CRISC

On-Site OSHA Compliance Program

On-site OSHA Employee Training
  • Annual employee training is conducted onsite at your office by an OSHA expert.
  • Customized OSHA training program to fit your specific needs.
  • Get immediate answers to all your OSHA questions.
  • Fun and informative training.

Facility Audit
  • Annual OSHA office inspections for your dental or medical practice.
  • Examine the work environment to identify OSHA violations. 
  • Develop a follow-up list for the Safety Officer on issues that cannot be corrected immediately.

OSHA Compliance Manual
  • OSHA compliance manual is specific to your medical or dental practice.
  • Easy to use forms.
  • Safety Officer daily responsibilities.
  • Required OSHA regulatory information.
  • Resource guides on infection control, TB exposure and more.
  • We now have an electronic OSHA Compliance Manual!


Safety Officer Webinar
  • Required training for new and existing OSHA Safety Officers.
  • Explains OSHA Safety Officer roles and responsibilities.
  • Covers basic regulations that impact employee safety.
  • Reviews content of the OSHA compliance manual and documentation requirements.

Manual Updates
  • Receive annual policy and procedure updates to the OSHA Compliance Manual when you renew your service.

Online Training for Employees

If you have an employee that missed your onsite training or if you have a newly hired employee that needs to complete the training prior to their job assignment, we provide online OSHA compliance training for you.

Labels for Secondary Containers
  • Receive labels for all of your secondary containers.
  • You provide the list and we send them to you.
  • Quick and easy. 

Spill kit
  • Receive one complementary spill kit to manage blood spills and or body fluids.
  • Additional spill kits are available for purchase.


OSHA Online Training eCompliance Packages

eCompliance Packages

Our OSHA online eCompliance packages are a convenient and easy way to ensure your medical or dental practice is OSHA compliant. These packages contain not only our online employee training but the other compliance components you need such as compliance manuals, officer webinar training, and OSHA support depending on the package you choose. Check out our online training packages today!

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Renewal Packages

OSHA & HIPAA eCompliance Plus Program PACKAGE

Receive the best value by purchasing both the OSHA and HIPAA eCompliance Plus Packages. You’ll save $270 if you buy both packages or renew the services as a package.


eCompliance OSHA Plus Program Renewal

When you renew your OSHA eCompliance Plus program you’ll receive:

  • Registration confirmation via email.
  • OSHA compliance manual updates with instructions via mail.
  • Continued access to TMC Client Portal for OSHA & HIPAA officer webinars.
  • Continued access to compliance manual electronic forms.
  • Access to Client Service Center to answer OSHA compliance questions.

We value our customers. Save $110 by renewing your OSHA Plus Program.



Online Training Only

Online Training for Employees

Do you need online training only? Train your employees with our online training learning management system (LMS). It is a quick and easy way for your employees to complete their compliance training online and to record and track their scores and status. Additionally, it allows you to keep all of your training records in one place.

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