October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

TMC’s Security Scout wants you to be Cyber Savvy!


Did you know?

  • 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses.

Here’s how you can be Cyber Savvy:

  1. Use long, strong passphrases or passwords and different passwords for different programs and devices. See last month’s Advisor for password tips.
  2. Watch out for phishing emails and text messages!
  3. Keep practice software and antivirus software up to date. Most software can automatically update. Check your settings.

Be Cyber Savvy by taking one of our Cybersecurity online courses!

Help us celebrate cybersecurity awareness month by joining our contest! Answer the question below by clicking the “Enter Now” button and we will enter you in a chance to win a blue tooth speaker. We will announce the winner on November 1st on social media and on our website.

Which of these are true about a phishing email?

A.  Emails from strangers that include attachments or links
B.  Spelling errors or broken sentences
C.  Suspicious emails that ask for personal data
D.  All of the above – Answer

Winner:  November 1, 2021 – Robin Y. of NC!