It’s Your Call September 2021

OSHA:  The OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) is aimed at protecting workers from the grave dangers of covid-19 hazards. However, some employers are exempt. Several offices are described below.  Identify which office(s) would be exempt from the ETS. Circle all that apply.

  • The pediatric practice provides testing and treatment for covid-19 patients screens everyone prior to entry into the building, and all workers are vaccinated.
  • A dental practice that screens non-employees prior to entry. They do not provide covid testing nor do they treat covid-19 patients.
  • Specialty practice in a well-defined hospital ambulatory care setting near a hospital. All workers are vaccinated. Non-employees are screened prior to entry, and no suspected or confirmed covid-19 people are permitted to enter.
  • A medical practice that screens non-employees prior to entry and provides occasional covid testing. No treatment for covid-19 patients was provided.

Answer: Office 2 & 3 are exempt. 

HIPAA stands for:

  1. Healthcare Information Privacy Administrative Act
  2. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  3. Health Information Protection and Awareness Act

Answer:  B