It’s Your Call November 2021

OSHA Trivia:  When was the Occupational Safety and Health Administration established by Congress?

OSHA was established by Congress under President Richard Nixon on April 18, 1971. Before that date, very few states had decent worker protection laws. Workers could only accept dangerous conditions or find a new job.

Presently, employers have a greater responsibility to find and fix ALL recognized hazards in their workplace, not just hazards covered by OSHA standards. Team input is warranted in most cases to fully assess potential hazards, so remember to share your voice because employee safety does matter.

HIPAA:  Does Health and Human Services have a tier for violations?

Yes. According to the Federal Registry Document Citation 78 FR 5565, fees could reach up to $1.5 million per calendar year The categories and fees are listed below.

Violation category—Section 1176(a)(1) Each violation All such violations of an identical provision in a calendar year
(A) Did Not Know $100-$50,000 $1,500,000
(B) Reasonable Cause 1,000-50,000 1,500,000
(C)(i) Willful Neglect-Corrected 10,000-50,000 1,500,000
(C)(ii) Willful Neglect-Not Corrected 50,000 1,500,000