It’s Your Call November 2020 – Answers to OSHA and HIPAA Questions

It’s not uncommon for teams to have questions regarding OSHA and HIPAA regulations. We’ve outlined the following answers to some of the most common OSHA and HIPAA questions.

OSHA: Which of the following requirements are necessary with the implementation of a Respiratory Protection Plan? Choose one.

  1. Written plan only
  2. Written plan and medical evaluation
  3. Written plan, medical evaluation, initial and annual fit testing, and training
  4. Written plan, medical evaluation, and training

Answer: C

Once it is determined through a hazard assessment that respirator use will be implemented to reduce exposure to airborne pathogens, the Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134 comes in to play and several items are required: Written respiratory protection plan, Medical evaluation for employees who will use the respirator, Initial and annual ­testing, and Training. See the October 2020 newsletter for more details.

HIPAA: The October issue included an article about how a simple inventory list reduces risk. Which of the following should be included on an inventory lists according to this article? Choose one.

  1. Computers, laptops, servers
  2. Software programs
  3. Remote users and personal devices used for work (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD)
  4. Devices that have been updated or replaced
  5. All of the above

HIPAA Answer: E. All of the above