It’s Your Call – March 2024

OSHA/Infection Control: What is the appropriate cleaning method for heavy duty utility gloves?

It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use because the methods vary.  Here are some variations that you may find:

  • Autoclavable up to 5 times
  • Not autoclavable. Wash with mild soap and water. Hang to dry.

it's your call - march 2024 OSHA and infection control


HIPAA: We are a small healthcare office, who is best suited to be assigned the role of Compliance Officer?

Selecting the right HIPAA Compliance Officer for a small office is pivotal in safeguarding healthcare information. The ideal candidate should pay great attention to detail as this is crucial to prevent data breaches, and effective communication skills are necessary for training staff on HIPAA policies.

The Compliance Officer must exhibit problem-solving skills to assess and address potential risks, organizational skills to manage documentation and a sense of responsibility and accountability for ensuring the organization’s compliance. Having a collaborative attitude in working with other team members is essential.