It’s Your Call – March 2023

What is the current Federal OSHA citation for a serious violation?

The maximum penalty is $15,625 per violation for serious, other-than-serious, posting requirements, and failure to abate. The employer must post the OSHA citation(s) immediately near the alleged violation and shall ensure that the citation is not altered, defaced, or concealed.

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OSHA violations

* For a repeated other-than-serious violation that otherwise would have no initial penalty, a GBP penalty of $446 shall be proposed for the first repeated violation, $1,116 for the second repeated violation, and $2,232 for a third repetition.


Can you add a consent or acknowledgement to a Release of Information document?

No. The only addition that can be included on a Release Authorization document is another Release of Information Authorization such as a Compound Release Document. This was put into the law to ensure that the patient clearly understands what they are signing.