It’s Your Call January 2020

OSHA: What kind of fire extinguishers do most offices have?

Most offices and hospitals have multi-purpose dry chemical extinguishers which are classified with the labels A, B, & C. The 3 elements needed to ignite a fire are heat, fuel, and an oxidizing agent. These multi-purpose dry chemical extinguishers will coat the fuel with a thin layer of fire-retardant powder which separates the fuel from the oxygen, thus, breaking the fire triangle.  Be sure to review the fire plan with your team annually and with new hires.


Combustible type chart


HIPAA: Our office has upgraded our computer systems since Microsoft support will be ending for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.  Are we missing any steps?

If you have replaced devices, be sure to have the old ones cleaned, erased, degaussed and/or destroyed completely.  You can check with your IT professional, shred company, or other businesses that offer these services in your area.  Don’t forget to request a certificate of destruction from the service provider once all ePHI has been removed.