It’s Your Call February 2022

OSHA: Has OSHA relaxed any of the covid-19 guidance for employers?

No. Although the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) has been withdrawn, OSHA is working towards a permanent regulatory solution and will enforce the general duty clause and general standards.

Therefore, employers should continue to provide adequate protections against covid-19 for healthcare employees. This includes, but not limited to, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protection. The Respiratory Protection Standard, including the use of an N95 respirator or higher, applies to personnel involved in aerosol generating procedures and providing care to persons who are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19.

HIPAA: Should volunteers in our office receive HIPAA training?

Yes. According to Health & Human Services (HHS), a covered entity must train its employees, volunteers, trainees, and may include others who are under the direct control of the entity regardless of whether they are paid or not. Training should include information about your privacy policies and procedures when necessary and appropriate to carry out your daily functions.

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