It’s Your Call – December 2022

OSHA: How many exit routes are necessary in the workplace?

Per OSHA, at least two exit routes must be available for prompt and safe evacuation during an emergency, and these two routes must be located as far away from each other as practical.

Single exit routes are permitted when the number of employees, building size, occupancy, or arrangement of the workplace enables employees to evacuate safely. Alternatively, more than two routes must be available if only having two exits routes would not allow for safe evacuation when considering the number of employees, building size, occupancy or arrangement of the workplace.

If you need assistance in determining the number of exit routes necessary for your workplace, consult current guidance under the NFPA, Life Safety Code, or International Fire Code.

OSHA exit route

HIPAA: True or False: There is no way to check whether a link to a website in an email goes where it says it will go.

Answer: False. Hover your cursor over the link (do not click) to see the full URL of the site/destination of the link.