It’s Your Call – August 2021

OSHA: Why did OSHA issue the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS)?

OSHA determined that SARS-CoV-2 is a grave danger for workers in healthcare settings, and studies have been conducted to validate this claim. Although the General Duty Clause imposes a general duty for employers to keep a workplace free of recognized hazards, it fell short of protecting employees adequately. The ETS lays out clear requirements for a healthcare facility’s COVID-19 plans, screening, distancing, barriers, cleaning, personal protective equipment, and training, among other things.

While OSHA’s ETS prompted offices to make quick changes, it also shows that OSHA takes employee safety and exposure to work hazards seriously. Total Medical Compliance has made it a priority to educate, help, and provide you and your team with the resources needed to comply.

HIPAA:  True or False:

Enforcement for certain severe HIPAA violations could include serving time in jail.

Answer:  True. While it is still uncommon, 2 people were sentenced to prison in Texas in July 2021 for participating in a scheme to steal and sell PHI.