It’s Your Call – April 2024

HIPAA: As a small provider practice, can we afford cyber insurance?

Investing in cyber insurance is crucial for small provider practices facing the growing threat of cyberattacks. While the cost may vary depending on factors like coverage level and practice size, the expense of cyber insurance is often far outweighed by the potential financial losses from a data breach. Additionally, some insurance providers offer tailored packages for small practices, making coverage more affordable. Ultimately, the protection and peace of mind provided by cyber insurance can safeguard your practice’s financial stability and reputation in the event of a cyber incident.


OSHA: What are the rules about cleaning and disinfecting non-critical items such as bed tables and patient chairs?

The CDC’s guidance for isolation precautions considers bed tables and patient chairs as semi-critical items, and these should be cleaned and disinfected while donned with the appropriate personal protective equipment. Surfaces that are frequently touched and within proximity to the patient are likely to be contaminated, and certain bloodborne pathogens can survive on inanimate objects for longer periods of time. OSHA requires that contaminated surfaces be disinfected to protect workers from blood and other potentially infectious material. More information can be found at