It’s Your Call April 2021


Infection Control: Which marker should be used to label sterilization pouches?

Regardless of the marker type, it is important that it conforms to ASTM D4326 standard which means it is certified as non-toxic. Although many sharpies have the AP seal that conforms to ASTM’s standard, the user must check the manufacturer’s instructions to verify if the ink is waterproof and heat resistant. Medical grade markers have been designed and validated for use with sterilization.

permanent marker pen


HIPAA: When should a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) be executed?

A Business Associate Agreement must be executed prior to services being rendered because HIPAA-covered entities cannot disclose protected health information (PHI) to unauthorized persons. When a BAA is lacking, the covered entity is negligent in its duty to protect sensitive health information, and this may lead to misuse or improper disclosure of PHI. Be sure to update your BAA when changes occur with HIPAA regulations, business names, and contractual agreements.