First Online Dental Radiation Manual for North Carolina

Ensuring radiation compliance is extremely important and necessary to safeguard patients and staff. In order to help dental practices and DSOs in the North Carolina area meet regulatory requirements and maintain a safe work environment, we at TMC are proud to announce our latest product – the Online Dental Radiation Compliance Manual for North Carolina. 

This comprehensive manual contains all the necessary plans and protocols required for dental offices in North Carolina to comply with state regulations for radiation safety. Here are some of the key features of the manual: 

Online Manual  

This is the first NC dental radiation manual available for online use. Our online manuals are fully customizable to your practice and are perfect for dental practices with multiple offices or DSOs. Our online manual portal allows for your manual to be fully customizable to your practice and acts as an all-in-one system for ALL your manuals – whether they’re from TMC or not!  

Written Radiation Safety Plan 

Our manual provides an all-encompassing written plan that covers all aspects of radiation safety including radiation safety protocols, personnel training, quality control, equipment maintenance, and more! 

A written radiation protection plan is required by the North Carolina Regulations for Protection Against Radiation to be developed, documented, and implemented for each unique facility. Because developing a customized radiation safety plan can be challenging, we provide you with all the guidance and information you need to modify the manual to fit your office and stay compliant. 

Practice-Specific Protocols  

Every dental office is unique which is why it’s important to have practice-specific protocols that cater to your office’s individual needs, equipment, and processes. This manual includes the topics: appropriate use of dosimeter, safety data sheets, PPE, X-ray protocols, and various sample operating procedures.  

Equipment and Facility Information  

Proper maintenance of equipment is crucial to ensure that it is functioning properly and producing accurate results. TMC’s online manual provides detailed information on equipment inventory, maintenance, and documentation required by NC. 


This dental radiation manual incorporates comprehensive training materials and resources to help dental office staff stay up to date on the latest regulations and best practices. Training includes policy and procedures related to equipment, ALARA, employee safety, radiation safety, and frequency of training needed for compliance.  

Guidance on NC State Regulations 

Staying current on state regulations is required to maintain compliance with radiation safety standards. TMC’s manual contains detailed information on North Carolina’s state regulations and requirements on radiation safety. This includes required in-office postings and reference guides. 

Quality Control Plan 

A quality control plan is essential to ensure that all radiation safety protocols are being followed and that the equipment is functioning properly. We have included a complete quality control plan to help dental offices ensure image quality and exposure is as low as reasonably achievable.  


Keeping accurate records is crucial to ensure compliance with radiation safety standards. Our manual provides customizable forms that can be used to keep track of all aspects of radiation safety, from equipment maintenance to personnel training. Our forms assist with documentation of compliance with NC laws and established standards of care.  

TMC’s NC Online Dental Radiation Compliance Manual is a comprehensive resource that dental offices and DSOs can rely on to ensure that they are meeting all regulatory requirements and providing a safe work environment for their staff and patients. With customizable protocols, detailed guidance on equipment maintenance and state regulations, and comprehensive training and quality control plans, this manual is an invaluable tool for dental offices and DSOs in North Carolina.