eManual Updates

eManual notice for new, renewal, or satellite location eManual customers 

Due to the transition to our new system, there will be a delay in getting customers set up on their eManuals until our launch date of April 3rd.


eManual article from February newsletter, 2/20/23 



eManual Update from 2/7/23 email

We have exciting news about your eManual(s) provided by Total Medical Compliance! Your eManual is moving to a modern, more user-friendly platform at the end of March! The new TMC eManuals will be powered by ComplianceBridge software.

What does this mean for you?

The migration will not impact your current contract or cost of your eManual service with TMC.

We’re updating our eManuals to:

  • Reduce the time you spend on administration of your eManual.
  • Streamline and speed up processes for future eManual updates and regulatory compliance changes.
  • Increase customization possibilities for your practice.
  • Provide a more user-friendly platform.


So, what’s next?

Stay tuned for more email communications from us about the process, FAQs, training guides, and more.

Frequently asked questions about the eManual transfer:

Q1: Why is my eManual transferring to a new system? 

A1: TMC wants to make compliance as easy as possible for you. Improving the technology that delivers your eManuals to you is one of the ways we can deliver on this commitment. The new site will be more user-friendly, intuitive, and responsive. Details on other features are to come!

Q2: When will you contact me? 

A2: Stay tuned for more information in the emails from TMC and our newsletter articles related to the transfer.

Q3: Will I have a new account?

A3: Yes, a new account will be created for you. You will receive a Welcome email with your new account information and instructions at the end of March.

Q4: Will my information transfer to the new system?

A4: YES! All of the information in your current eManuals will be waiting for you in the new system. There’s no need to worry about losing any information, and you don’t have to lift a finger!

Q5: Who do I contact if I need help? 

A5: We will provide helpful resources and who to contact in your Welcome email at the end of March.

Q6: Will training be provided? 

A6: Yes, training and support will be available through tutorials and instructions.