Radiation Compliance Resources

The TMC educational programs, products, and Radiation Compliance resources can assist you and your practice in meeting requirements of the OSHA compliance regulations, in addition to helping you with daily issues and questions related to Safe Work Practices and inspections by State Radiology Departments.

FAQ’s Regarding OSHA Standards and Radiation

NC Facility Assessment Tool by Radiation Compliance Branch
Use and Care of Lead Protective Equipment

OSHA and State Regulations Require Safety Programs

All states require a written Radiation Safety Program to protect employees and patients. OSHA focuses on employee safety with your Radiation Program.  Your program must be consistent with the OSHA safety practices used in the facility at the time of inspection.

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OSHA Inspectors Require Posting of Federal Radiation Regulations

OSHA inspectors may ask for the Federal regulation on the Dangers of Ionizing Radiation during an inspection of your office. In NC, where OSHA unscheduled inspections of medical and dental offices have been underway since January 2010, inspectors are often looking for the regulations. These regulations must be posted in the office even though the State Radiation inspectors do not ask for or require them.

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