Exciting News About Our Online Compliance Manual Upgrade

online compliance manuals

We are thrilled to share some exciting news regarding our online manual system! Starting in May, our online compliance manuals are transitioning to a cutting-edge (and simpler) platform, and we’re delighted to announce that the new TMC online manuals will now be powered by Box.com software. This update is part of our commitment to simplifying […]

Prescribing Equality: A Guide to Non-Discriminatory Practices in Healthcare

Preventing Discrimination in Healthcare Course

Workplace discrimination is a real concern, even in healthcare. Recognizing and addressing it in medical and dental settings is a moral obligation for patient care and equality. Understanding Discrimination The definition of discrimination reveals that bias can manifest both overtly and subtly. Let’s break it down: Direct Discrimination: This is when someone is treated differently […]

Emergency and Fire Preparedness in Healthcare Offices: The OSHA Way

emergency and fire preparedness OSHA

‘Expect the unexpected’ is one phrase that comes to mind when considering how healthcare offices run. An example of an unforeseen event is an emergency and/or fire scenario. These situations can quickly turn a normal day into a life-altering crisis. Data shows there are an average of 5,750 fires reported annually in healthcare facilities, resulting […]

Updated CDC Guidance for COVID-19 After Expiration of Public Health Emergency

CDC guidance on COVID

With the end of the federal COVID-19 public health emergency on May 11, 2023, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated its guidance relating to collecting public health data. The CDC updates are as follows: 1. The CDC will no longer receive data to publish the Community Transmission levels of COVID-19. Healthcare facilities should check […]

Keeping Your Practice Compliant: Understanding OSHA Sprinkler Violations

OSHA fire sprinkler violations

Safety is non-negotiable in healthcare practices. To establish a safe environment for our patients and staff, we must pay attention to every detail, including the sprinkler systems on our premises. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards apply not only to clinical procedures but also to aspects of physical safety, such as fire safety. […]

Safety Risks of Open-Toed Shoes in a Healthcare Setting

open toed shoes in healthcare and safety risks

Wearing appropriate attire to work is crucial to mitigating the safety risks for employees. One specific area of concern is the type of footwear worn by staff in certain industries, including healthcare settings. While some staff may prefer the comfort and style of open-toed shoes or Crocs, there are several reasons why they are not […]

Total Medical Compliance celebrates 27 years in OSHA and HIPAA compliance

OSHA and HIPAA compliance: Total Medical Compliance

Indian Trail, NC – May 10, 2023/EINPresswire.com – Total Medical Compliance (TMC), a leading healthcare compliance company focused on OSHA and HIPAA education and training, is celebrating its 27th year in business. Since its founding in 1996, TMC has established itself as a trusted partner for healthcare professionals and business associates seeking compliance services. TMC […]

HIPAA, PHI, and Law Enforcement in 2023

HIPAA, protected health information (PHI), and law enforcement 2023

When can you share protected health information (PHI) with law enforcement? There are certain circumstances when the law allows you to share PHI. You should always keep the “minimum necessary” rule in mind whenever you are giving out information. New HIPAA rules proposed by Health and Human Services (HHS). On April 11, 2023, the HHS […]

Our Online Human Resource Courses Have Been Refreshed!

Online Human Resource Courses

TMC is always looking for the latest information to ensure that our clients have the most up-to-date and relevant tips, tricks, and material available for your practice. In light of that, we are excited to reintroduce our online Human Resource courses that are available for you now! Our most popular and relevant online courses have […]

Total Medical Compliance and EmergeOrtho partner to provide OSHA compliance for North Carolina healthcare practices

EmergeOrtho compliance with TMC

Indian Trail, NC – March 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ – Total Medical Compliance (TMC), a leading provider of healthcare compliance solutions, is pleased to announce their partnership with EmergeOrtho. This partnership will provide and enhance EmergeOrtho’s OSHA compliance training to support their healthcare network in federal and state compliance regulations. “We’re excited to bring EmergeOrtho into […]