It’s Your Call May 2022

Infection Control Alert: The CDC is encouraging physicians to consider adenovirus testing for children with symptoms of Hepatitis of unknown origin. Hepatitis symptoms include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, light-colored stools, joint pain, and jaundice. It can also be caused by other viruses. Adenoviruses cause cold-like symptoms, fever, sore […]

It’s Your Call April 2022

OSHA: Our healthcare facility checks COVID-19 community levels to monitor transmission rates in our county. Will the Community Levels determine the preventive steps for our office? No. The CDC states “healthcare settings should continue to use Community Transmission Rates and continue to follow CDC’s infection prevention and control recommendations for healthcare settings.” When viewing Community Transmission […]

It’s Your Call March 2022

OSHA: What are some other common airborne pathogens aside from covid-19 that our office should keep in mind? Chickenpox Mumps Measles Anthrax Diphtheria Meningitis Common cold/Whooping Cough Asperigillosis Tuberculosis (TB) If there is potential for exposures to airborne pathogens, employees must wear appropriate PPE such as N95 respirators or greater and restrict susceptible employees from […]

It’s Your Call February 2022

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OSHA: Has OSHA relaxed any of the covid-19 guidance for employers? No. Although the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) has been withdrawn, OSHA is working towards a permanent regulatory solution and will enforce the general duty clause and general standards. Therefore, employers should continue to provide adequate protections against covid-19 for healthcare employees. This includes, but […]

It’s Your Call January 2022

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OSHA: What were the top Federal OSHA citations in healthcare during the pandemic? The penalties below were retrieved from OSHA’s webpage listing industry specific citations from October 2020 to September 2021. HIPAA: My co-worker is loud when he talks to patients.  Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule say anything about talking to patients if one might […]

It’s Your Call December 2021

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OSHA: What is the frequency for fit testing per OSHA? The OSHA regulations state the following: 1910.134(f)(2) The employer shall ensure that an employee using a tight-fitting facepiece respirator is fit tested prior to initial use of the respirator, whenever a different respirator facepiece (size, style, model or make) is used, and at least annually […]

It’s Your Call November 2021

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OSHA Trivia:  When was the Occupational Safety and Health Administration established by Congress? OSHA was established by Congress under President Richard Nixon on April 18, 1971. Before that date, very few states had decent worker protection laws. Workers could only accept dangerous conditions or find a new job. Presently, employers have a greater responsibility to […]

It’s Your Call October 2021


OSHA:   Recall the four most common ways to spread germs and decide how you should protect yourself. Contact: Think of contaminated surfaces that are touched and how the germs are spread when hand hygiene is not performed. Sprays & splashes: Imagine a person sneezing. Now think of where the droplets/germs land. Not only do […]

It’s Your Call September 2021

OSHA:  The OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) is aimed at protecting workers from the grave dangers of covid-19 hazards. However, some employers are exempt. Several offices are described below.  Identify which office(s) would be exempt from the ETS. Circle all that apply. The pediatric practice provides testing and treatment for covid-19 patients screens everyone prior […]

It’s Your Call August 2021

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OSHA: Why did OSHA issue the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS)? OSHA determined that SARS-CoV-2 is a grave danger for workers in healthcare settings, and studies have been conducted to validate this claim. Although the General Duty Clause imposes a general duty for employers to keep a workplace free of recognized hazards, it fell short of […]