Measles: Should Healthcare Workers Be Concerned?

measels and mumps anti virus concept

Until recent years the risk of being exposed to measles was not the first illnesses to come to mind when considering the risk of disease transmission from patients to healthcare workers. Even now there are reported outbreaks in many states of both measles and mumps. One can no longer be confident that during the delivery […]

Instrument Processing

Instrument Preparation, Packaging Loading Last month we focused on the cleaning process and the importance of ensuring instruments are adequately cleaned prior to packaging. Before we pick up where we left off, remember that instruments should be visually inspected for cleanliness and completely dry before they are wrapped or placed in a sterilization pouch. Packaging […]

The Bugs of Fall

I can tell you my love for you will still be strong After the boys of summer have gone -Don Henley Anyone remember the song The Boys of Summer by Don Henley? We are going to move away from our summer jaunts to focus on the Bugs of Fall. It is that time of year […]

Dental Unit Waterline Quality Testing Services

dental chairs water lines

Waterlines used in any dental unit that has a water supply, such as syringes and ultrasonic scalers, can become contaminated with biofilm, a coating of microorganisms. To prevent infection, the CDC recommends that dental unit water used in non-surgical procedures is maintained at the same cleanliness standard set for drinking water by the Environmental Protection […]

Jenn’s Vision for Eye Protection Best Practices

Despite the warnings of what can or might go wrong when receiving medical and dental care, most of us don’t really think anything bad will happen to us, until it does. This was the case for a young woman in July 2013 who was having a routine dental procedure. The dentist failed to follow Best […]

Aftermath Services

Aftermath Services

      Karen Gregory joins Aftermath Services on the Discovery Channel for an episode of Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr.. Innovations is a television show that brings viewers the most current information of leading industries out there making a difference. One of these leaders is Aftermath Services LLC. Aftermath is the premier, nation-wide crime […]

Four Critical Steps in Instrument Processing

infection control instrument processing

(Updated June 2019) Patient safety is at the center of many conversations in the health care community. While many processes may impact the safety of a patient, appropriate instrument processing should rank at the top of the list of safety priorities. In this article, we will address four critical steps in instrument processing, but before […]

Cover Your Cough: Stop the Spread of Germs

Flu outbreaks

It is October, and depending on where you are, there may be a chill in the air and sniffles everywhere! In fact, many states have already reported positive influenza cases which follows the typical outbreak pattern. Influenza cases typically peak between the months of December through February. The time is now to prepare your facility, […]

Dental Antibiotics and C diff

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) is raising the alarm about antibiotics prescribed by dentists and a possible connection to rising cases of Clostridium difficile. Researchers from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) conducted a study and found that 15% of the patients diagnosed with community-associated C difficile infection (CA CDI) between […]

TMC Automates OSHA Compliance Audits with Mi-Platform

Goes from Paper to Mobile in Less than 90 Days with an Automated Auditing Process Total Medical Compliance (TMC) provides compliance consulting to the healthcare marketplace including HIPAA training, OSHA training, and Infection Control programs for medical and dental practices. When TMC needed a partner to upgrade its paper-based auditing processes and provide an automated […]