The Importance of Fair and Consistent Employee Sanctions

Importance of Fair & Consistent Employee Sanctions

In any organization, maintaining a harmonious work environment is pivotal to productivity and morale. However, navigating employee misconduct can be a challenging tightrope walk. When infractions occur, the response must be calibrated, fair, and reflective of the severity of the behavior while also considering the employee’s history, intent, and circumstances. Fair sanctions for employee misconduct […]

It’s Your Call – January 2024

HIPAA: What happens if we employ an individual who is found to be on an exclusion list? If you employ an individual who has been sanctioned or excluded by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) from participating in federal health care programs, and that individual provides reimbursable items or services under such programs, you may […]

Understanding Sanction Screening: Safeguarding Healthcare Integrity Under HIPAA

sanction screening

In the intricate landscape of healthcare, compliance with regulations isn’t just a choice but a necessity. HIPAA stands as a beacon of privacy and security standards within the industry. Among its many components, one crucial element often overlooked yet central is sanction screening. What is Sanction Screening? Sanction screening involves the meticulous examination of individuals […]

It’s Your Call – December 2023

HIPAA: What are prevalent healthcare scams during the holiday season? Email Phishing: Perpetrators adopt the personas of festive figures or reputable entities (e.g., charities) to entice recipients into clicking malicious links in emails. This tactic compromises personal data, including login credentials and credit card details. It is advised to verify authenticity by contacting the sender […]

HIPAA Compliance Tips During the Holiday Season

HIPAA compliance tips

The holiday season is a time for celebration, joy, and spreading goodwill. However, for those working in healthcare, it’s also necessary to remain cautious about protecting sensitive patient information. As festivities begin and work environments shift, here are some key tips to uphold HIPAA compliance during this joyous time. Enhance Staff Training: Offer refresher courses […]

It’s Your Call – November 2023

information blocking OIG

HIPAA: Who can be fined under the Information Blocking Rule and what are the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) priorities? Only certain entities are currently subject to an OIG information blocking penalty. They are: Health IT developers of certified health IT Entities offering certified health IT Health information exchanges Health information networks These penalties began […]

Navigating Information Blocking: A Comprehensive Practice Guide

information blocking violations 2023

As Electronic Health Record (EHR) companies prepare for potential fines reaching up to $1 million regarding information blocking violations, healthcare practices and hospitals find themselves at the cusp of impending changes. Although no fines have been enforced for practices or hospitals yet, discussions regarding their imposition are actively underway. One aspect that practices may need […]

The Importance of Cybersecurity for Healthcare Practices: A Necessity Not to be Overlooked

cybersecurity basics for healthcare practices

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, cybersecurity has emerged as a critical issue, particularly in the healthcare sector. Cybersecurity isn’t just an optional add-on but rather an essential component of a successful and compliant healthcare practice. Why is Cybersecurity Important in Healthcare? Healthcare practices handle a lot of sensitive and confidential data. Potential targets […]

HIPAA-Compliant Video Conferencing: Your Guide to Secure Healthcare Communications

video conferencing hipaa google meet, zoom, microsoft teams, facetime

Modern healthcare has evolved dramatically with the integration of technology. While digitization has indeed elevated patient care and broadened its accessibility, it has also brought along challenges, primarily concerning privacy and security. A significant part of this conversation involves the use of communication tools like video conferencing and their compliance with HIPAA. If you are […]

Vishing Scams and HIPAA: Protecting Personal Health Information from Phone-Based Threats

vishing scams and HIPAA

Criminals continuously devise new methods to exploit personal information for financial gain. One such method is vishing, a form of phishing that targets individuals through phone calls. Vishing scams pose a significant threat to the security and privacy of personal health information (PHI), making it crucial for healthcare organizations to understand and mitigate these risks. […]