Combatting Measles: Information and Training Measures for Healthcare Personnel

measles cases in U.S.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), measles cases are on the rise. As of January 25th, the CDC reports nine measles cases in the U.S. so far this year. Cases have been reported in Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Additionally, several other countries have reported measles […]

It’s Your Call – February 2024

sanctions policies and OSHA COVID requirements

OSHA: We have an employee out with COVID-19. What is the current timeline for healthcare workers to return to work? The CDC guidance says that employees experiencing a mild to moderate case of COVID-19 who are not moderately to severely immunocompromised may return to work after 7 days have passed since symptoms first occurred (day […]

The Importance of Fair and Consistent Employee Sanctions

Importance of Fair & Consistent Employee Sanctions

In any organization, maintaining a harmonious work environment is pivotal to productivity and morale. However, navigating employee misconduct can be a challenging tightrope walk. When infractions occur, the response must be calibrated, fair, and reflective of the severity of the behavior while also considering the employee’s history, intent, and circumstances. Fair sanctions for employee misconduct […]

Mitigating Risks: Strategies for Managing Chemical Exposure in Medical and Dental Offices

Managing Chemical Exposure in Healthcare article

Chemical exposure in medical and dental offices has the potential to create significant risks to both patients and employees. Implementation of preventative measures and adherence to safety protocols are two important keys in addressing issues created by and managing chemical exposure. Healthcare employees interact with a variety of chemicals daily, including disinfectants and cleaning agents. […]

OSHA and Electrical Violations

Osha and electrical violations and safety

Ignoring or not following safety rules can create serious issues concerning patient and employee safety, in addition to the potential for expensive penalties and legal issues. OSHA focuses on electrical safety during inspections for two important reasons: Electrical shock injuries can be lethal. OSHA reports an average of one workplace electrocution fatality per day. Electricity […]

It’s Your Call – January 2024

HIPAA: What happens if we employ an individual who is found to be on an exclusion list? If you employ an individual who has been sanctioned or excluded by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) from participating in federal health care programs, and that individual provides reimbursable items or services under such programs, you may […]

Understanding Sanction Screening: Safeguarding Healthcare Integrity Under HIPAA

sanction screening

In the intricate landscape of healthcare, compliance with regulations isn’t just a choice but a necessity. HIPAA stands as a beacon of privacy and security standards within the industry. Among its many components, one crucial element often overlooked yet central is sanction screening. What is Sanction Screening? Sanction screening involves the meticulous examination of individuals […]

Promoting Hand Hygiene in Healthcare: A Critical Measure for Infection Control

hand hygiene and infection control

Hand hygiene is known to be the single most critical measure for reducing the transmission of organisms (infectious agents) to patients and each other. Performing hand hygiene helps prevent the spread of infection and is one of the most important parts of infection control in healthcare facilities. Hand hygiene includes hand washing with soap and […]

Ensuring Medication Safety: Guide to Proper Handling of Single-Use vs Multi-Use Vials

A common error in healthcare facilities is the use of single-use vials of medications as multi-use vials. Healthcare workers must take the time to identify and become familiar with which vials of medicine are for single-use and which are multi-use to prevent using a single-use vial on multiple patients. The manufacturer labels the medicines as […]

It’s Your Call – December 2023

HIPAA: What are prevalent healthcare scams during the holiday season? Email Phishing: Perpetrators adopt the personas of festive figures or reputable entities (e.g., charities) to entice recipients into clicking malicious links in emails. This tactic compromises personal data, including login credentials and credit card details. It is advised to verify authenticity by contacting the sender […]