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This package bundle is for new managers that want to develop their leadership skills and help them understand their new role. This package has been crafted with 6 courses that will help you enhance your leadership and development skills as well as helping you manage your time. You can now get your training goals for 2020 met all in one place without sacrificing patient time. You can train at a time that is convenient for you without sacrificing patient time!

    1. Transition to Leadership
    2. Basics of Leadership:  02-Changes in Corporate Culture
    3. Developing Leadership Style
    4. An Effective Leader’s Guide to Time Management
    5. TMC Conflict Resolution
    6. TMC Diversity Training
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Transition to Leadership

Successfully transition into your new role as a leader by learning how to recognize and tackle the many responsibilities and challenges that come with leading a team. In this course, we'll review the soft and hard skills associated with managers and leaders. Then, you will learn the 4 steps you need to take to transition out of the role of the individual contributor and into the role of a leader who sees the big picture and empowers employees. This 40-minute interactive module allows you to input information from your current work environment to generate responses that are relevant and helpful. It includes engaging audio narration, quizzes, and a final test for a complete learning experience.

Basics of Leadership: 02-Changes in Corporate Culture

Effective leaders take an active role in shaping their corporate culture. This course will identify the 5 characteristics of a healthy organizational culture and provide techniques for directing cultural change. You will gain valuable insight into workplace behaviors and learn how to support and encourage employees through times of transition. We will review the differences between strategic processes such as mission statements, cultural processes and standards of conduct so you can redesign your leadership approach in a way that is best suited to your organization. This 1-hour course is the second in a series of 6 courses on 21st–century leadership. It is presented via narrated video with interactive labs, quizzes and a final exam. Successful completion earns you a Certificate of Mastery. Printable learning aids are also available for convenient review of the course material.


Developing Leadership Style

In this course, you'll discover the characteristics that make up different styles of leadership and learn how to select the best leadership style for the situation at hand. While the wrong leadership style can break a project, the right leadership style can help improve productivity and ensure teams and management work well together. By the end of this course, you will be able to identify your current leadership style and develop effective leadership styles for any situation. The 30-minute course uses engaging audio narration, quizzes and a final test for a complete learning experience.

An Effective Leader's Guide to Time Management

This engaging course provides you with the tools and resources you need to improve your time management skills at work and in everyday life. You will learn how to identify goals, establish key priorities, and avoid over-committing and over-promising to maintain a professional and competent image. Discover how to improve your productivity using time chunks and downtime. Lastly, you'll learn how to optimize every minute of your day by using strategies to manage your energy and time robbers. This 30-minute course features real-life scenarios, quizzes and a final test to ensure comprehension of the material.


  • Focus your attention and effort by knowing your priorities
  • Avoid over-committing and over-promising by learning to say "no"
  • Utilize effective techniques and strategies to improve your productivity

Conflict Resolution

“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.” - William James

Efficiency experts estimate that employees spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict. Workplace conflict reduces employee productivity and increases absenteeism and project failure. This conflict resolution training course will teach your employees to observe escalating conflict, address it and help resolve it.

This conflict resolution training course will take approximately 40 minutes to complete. Participants will learn how to understand the impact of conflict in the workplace and learn methods of managing conflict, including how to have the difficult conversations often necessary for conflict resolution. Different types of conflict will be highlighted and participants will leave with an understanding of how to find the appropriate resolution option for their conflict. Sign up for this course today and find other popular TMC Human Resources training solutions to satisfy your compliance needs. This course is approximately 40 minutes.

This course is $5/person.



Diversity Training

Diversity is the condition of having different and various elements and qualities, especially regarding people (ex. race, culture, religion, and gender). The need for diversity training is increasing in the workplace and its importance should be addressed with your employees. Our diversity training course is about more than learning to tolerate difference, it is about understanding, appreciating, and respecting differences in individuals.

This online diversity training course will take you approximately 40 minutes to complete. It will help your employees cultivate an understanding of diversity and its benefits for a productive and pleasant work environment. Employees will learn to recognize and describe the appropriate responses to individual differences that exist in the workplace. The course will also help employees learn to appreciate individual differences and support fostering respect and dignity within the workplace. Individuals will leave with the skills to promote harmony and improve communication throughout the organization. Sign up today and discover the many ways Total Medical Compliance can help you achieve your organization's human resource needs.

This course is $5/person.



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