Managing Workplace Stress



  • Identify the symptoms of workplace stress and its sources
  • Distinguish between avoidable and unavoidable stress and manage each
  • Recognize the stages of burnout and implement prevention strategies
  • Create a dialogue with your manager to establish a healthy work environment

Product Description

Understand and develop effective strategies for coping with workplace stress in order to improve your job satisfaction and, ultimately, your productivity. You will learn about the different sources of workplace stress as well as the signals of physical, mental and emotional stress. Discover what you can do to deal with burnout and unavoidable stress before they escalate. Lastly, you will gain valuable tips on how to create a healthier workplace by conducting a quick assessment and starting a dialogue with your manager. This 50-minute course includes learning activities, links to additional information and an easy-to-navigate menu bar. Take the final test at the end to receive a Certificate of Completion. 50-minute course.


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