Fatigue and Stress Awareness



  • Watch for warning signs that suggest you are stressed or fatigued
  • Decrease the factors that lead to work-related stress
  • Employ techniques to manage and reduce on-the-job stress

Product Description

Fatigue, complacency, and stress among workers affects their performance and can result in safety issues. This course guides you on the techniques you can use to mitigate such issues. To begin, we’ll help you define what constitutes work-related stress and understand what factors are likely to cause worker stress. We’ll also discuss how complacency is related to stress and some of the warning signs of stress and fatigue that you may become aware of. Finally, you’ll learn techniques to help you manage and reduce stress on the job. This course helps you stay focused and alert by suggesting what is a healthy stress level at work. It also gives you some pointers on reducing stress and fatigue both on and off the job so you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle overall. 7 minute course.


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