Conquer Your Anxiety



  • Measure your anxiety levels using professionally accepted screening tools
  • Manage your anxiety with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques
  • Assess whether you should seek advice from a mental health professional

Product Description

Take steps to assess, manage, and reduce your anxiety using the tools and techniques outlined in this computerized cognitive behavioral course designed by mental health professionals. In Conquer Your Anxiety, you will learn about anxiety basics and complete a questionnaire to assess your own anxiety levels. You’ll also discover strategies for coping with anxiety, including relaxation training and monitoring for anxiety triggers. Use this course to gain a better understanding of your emotions, reactions, and behaviors, and evaluate whether you should consider seeking professional advice. This 50-minute program offers a convenient modular format you can move through at your desired pace, with interactive activities, downloadable resources, and exercise worksheets for continued anxiety management. You can also print the results of your anxiety assessment findings to keep for your records or take it to a health care professional.


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