October Advisor Crossword Puzzle Answers



4        It’s not made by a spider, but you can attend one.

6         The t-shirt you get if you win a TMC contest

9         PPE needed DURING construction

11       An inspection of accounts, records, and buildings for compliance.

13       Put on your PPE, bottom to top

15       It’s vital to have these documented and verifiable

16       The best ones have a mix of upper and lower case letters, number and symbols

17       What TMC does best.

19       TMC frees you to focus on these, not compliance.

20       Available when you attend some of our courses (2 words)

21       She spun webs; also, the Queen City of NC.

23       What you need when someone makes a mess (2 wrds)

25       What you need for personal protection



1         What HIPAA guarantees

2         What needs to be on hand for every chemical used in the practice

3         An incident in which PHI has potentially been viewed, stolen or used by an unauthorized person or persons. /

5         Add this to all your recipes for flavor, and take a webinar on the subject.

7         The G in GHS

8         The book that has all the answers

10       A person or business hired to do business for your practice

12       Keeping your personal medical information safe since 1996

14       Inflammation of the liver

17       Centers for Disease Control

18       The E in eCompliance

22       Keeping employees safe since 1970

24       Take off your PPE, top to bottom